We, Yamato corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), have established the following basic policy to cut off all relationships, including transactions, with antisocial forces that pose a threat to the order and safety of society, and we will comply with this policy.

  • Organizational Response
    The Company will respond to anti-social forces as a whole organization and ensure the safety of officers and employees against unreasonable demands.
  • Collaboration with External Expert Organizations
    To prepare for unreasonable demands from anti-social forces, the Company will build close collaborations with external expert organizations such as the police, the Center for Promoting Anti-Organized Crime Measures, and lawyers.
  • Termination of All Relationships Including Transactions
    The Company has no relationships with anti-social forces, including transactional relationships. Also, unreasonable demands by anti-social forces shall be rejected.
  • Legal Response in Civil and Criminal Cases during Unreasonable Demands
    The Company will take legal actions in both civil and criminal aspects against unreasonable demands by anti-social forces.
  • Prohibition of Inappropriate Transactions and Funding
    Even if unreasonable demands by anti-social forces are based on business misconduct or misconduct by officers and employees, the Company will never engage in backroom transactions or provide funding to conceal the case.