Recruitment Information

No experience required!
We are seeking individuals interested in manufacturing.

To acquire various skills
related to manufacturing

Including knowledge about manufacturing equipment in general
It is possible to handle various types of equipment in fields such as displays, semiconductors, healthcare, and home appliances, without specifying one particular industries

Learning and implementing the latest and most advanced manufacturing processing techniques
You can also learn cutting-edge processing techniques using the latest machines, such as precision cutting, precision sheet metal processing, and welding.

A workplace where inexperienced individuals, young people, and anyone can thrive.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where people with different backgrounds and levels of experience can succeed

STAFF DATAEmployee Overview (as of December 31, 2022)

Number of employees Number of employees
Male-female ratio Male-female ratio
Average age Average age
Number of new graduates hired privious year Number of new graduates hired privious year

Educational background of employees (partial list)

Short-term college, University, Graduate school
Niigata Institute of Technology,Jumonji Women's Junior College, Niigata University,Nihon University,Niigata University of Health and Welfare,Daito Bunka University,Asia University,Kanazawa University,Hosei University,Fukushima University,Niigata University of Management,Niigata International Information University,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,Nagaoka University of Technology,Graduate School

High school, Technical college
Urawa Technical High School,Ojiya High School,Ojiya Nishi High School,Kashiwazaki High School,Kamo Agricultural and Forestry High School,Kode High School,Tochio High School,Nagaoka High School,Nagaoka Agriculture and Forestry High School,Nagaoka Mukai High School,Nagaoka Technical High School,Nagaoka Commercial High School,Mitsuke High School,Nagaoka National College of Technology


1.Mechanical/CAD Engineer for Design and Control

Be responsible for mechanism design or control design in manufacturing equipment, and also propose solutions such as specification confirmation with customers.

2.Operator (Machining) in the Manufacturing Department

You will be in charge of high-precision cutting using the latest machines such as 5-axis machining centers and composite lathes. You will also work on creating machining data using CAM and operating machines automatically.

3.Operator (Welding) in the Manufacturing Department

Be responsible for sheet metal processing and welding of cabinets and parts used in manufacturing equipment. You can also work on robot welding.

4.Customer Representative in the Sales Department

Be responsible for proposing and estimating new and existing customers, and serve as a contact point between customers and the manufacturing site, handling delivery date adjustments and other matters.

5.Procurement Staff in the Material Department

Based on requests from sales, you will arrange parts and materials for manufacturing, coordinate with outside partner companies, and handle delivery date adjustments and cost reductions.

6.Equipment Assembly Staff in the Assembly Department

Be responsible for equipment assembly, including component assembly and wiring work. After the equipment is assembled, you will also handle operational testing and adjustments.


Working Hours
8:30-17:30 (including 1-hour break time)
Salary Increase
July, December
Annual Holidays
116 days
Retirement Benefit
Available (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid)
Child care leave / Childcare leave of absence system
Elderly care leave / Elderly care leave of absence system
Commuting Allowance, Overtime Allowance, Position Allowance
Welfare Benefits
Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Employment Insurance

Two types of “jackets” (summer and winter) and one “polo shirt” provided.

Work clothes with a clean impression. The simple design is popular among employees.

Cafeteria with a calm atmosphere. In addition to employee lunches, it is also used for events and other employee interactions.