I want to improve my skills and encourage the growth of our colleagues.
Two masters who specialize in sheet metal bending and welding.

Yamamoto Meister M.S. / M.K. Yamamoto Meister M.S. / M.K.

YAMATO Corporation's Nanyo Factory is located just a few minutes away by car from the company's headquarters. The factory specializes in sheet metal and welding, and is led by two master craftsmen. The main types of processing carried out in the factory include precision sheet metal, tank manufacturing, welding, bending, and more. They manufacture parts for machine tools, food production equipment, medical devices, and other products.

A workplace where you can do things you haven't done before


We are required to deliver products of high quality, and achieving this gives us a great sense of satisfaction. Moreover, we are not limited to producing only fixed products, and often have to work on new ones, which adds to the appeal of our job as we get to try things we haven't done before. The workplace at our Nanyo factory, where we work, feels like a tight-knit team, which is another aspect we appreciate.

The joy of achieving a clean and precise finish


It used to be that bending was the main process we worked on, but recently we've also started doing robot welding. Since we don't have a lot of experience with robot welding yet, I feel a sense of joy when our products come out with good precision. With robot welding, we can produce even complex shapes in large quantities, so I'd like to expand our work in this area.

I want to focus on work that adds value


Since we are making things based on drawings, it is natural to expect the final product to match the specifications on the drawing. What is important is adding additional value to it. For example, I make sure to focus on giving a clean finish to the appearance of the product

I aim for work that doesn't end with self-satisfaction


I believe that work should not end with self-satisfaction. It is important to deliver products that satisfy customers at the client's site, and also to constantly search for ways of working that will make the next stage of production workers happy within the company

I create time for education through improving my own skills


The challenge is to increase productivity, but I believe that overall growth of the factory is necessary for that. Currently, there are only limited staff members in each process, including myself, and we don't have enough time. To create time for educating factory staff, I think it's necessary to improve my own skills. By improving my own skills, I aim to create time for teaching and educating others.

To increase sales and profits, it is necessary to improve skills and productivity


As a company, it is important to increase sales and profits, and I believe that it is necessary to improve the individual abilities of staff to achieve this goal. In the past, we had a job of welding about 1,000 products, which we managed to finish in a month and a half by reducing the work hours through the use of robot welding machines and improvements to fixtures. We did it with the entire staff's efforts, but I believe that productivity can also be increased by making efforts to come up with ideas and improvements.

My strength is my dexterity


I believe my strength is my dexterity. Also, I am quite passionate, almost to the point of being hot-blooded (laughs). Therefore, I approach my work with a passion to lift those around me up together

Continuing to take on new challenges in the future


I believe my strength is having a positive attitude and willingness to challenge anything. I think And Corporation has a corporate culture that can utilize this strength of mine. With less constraints and staff members cooperating with each other, I would like to continue taking on new challenges in the future

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