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Maintain quality with well-equipped facilities

YAMATO Corporation has a large number of 5-axis machining centers and multitasking lathes, which enable us to choose the appropriate machining equipment for each job, thus improving machining accuracy and stability. Additionally, our equipment allows for cutting from any angle with just one setup, which reduces the impact of operator skill on machining accuracy and helps us maintain consistent quality.

Equipments List

  • Machiing Center A machining tool that performs various types of processing by CNC control without replacing the installation of workpieces, by cutting off unnecessary parts of materials to finish them in the desired shape. Equipped with an ATC (automatic tool changer) that automatically switches tools. Our company owns a wide variety of devices according to the size, accuracy, and shape, such as 3-axis, 5-axis, horizontal, vertical (upright), and gantry types. We also have many devices equipped with APC (automatic pallet changer). We can also handle mass production.

  • Multi Tasking Lathe A NC lathe that can perform various processing functions, including milling, is called a composite processing machine. It is capable of performing multiple processes in one machine, such as changing the setup of the lathe and machining center. This reduces the need for replacement work and enables high-precision processing. Our company owns many composite processing machines and can meet market demands with short lead times and high precision.

  • Lathe and Other Equipments In addition to composite processing machines, we also have a large number of CNC lathes. We also have vertical lathes for processing large and heavy objects. Although the number is small, we also have surface grinding machines. Our assembly workshop is equipped with a clean booth, and the factory design allows trucks to enter the premises for easy movement and unloading of equipment using a 2.8-ton gantry crane to simplify the transportation and unloading of devices.

  • Laser & Welding (Precision sheet metal, frame fabrication & Welding) We offers a range of services in precision sheet metal fabrication, from cutting and punching of thin sheets using ATC-equipped fiber laser machines to press work using servo presses, as well as welding using spot welding machines. We are capable of handling a variety of welding jobs, including thin aluminum sheets, stainless steel, iron, titanium, and other materials. Additionally, we also provide frame welding services for equipment.

  • Quality Control Equipment If the parts being manufactured are also large, the inspection room is also large. We have four 3D measuring instruments and we use them according to size and accuracy. We also have a 3D scanner that uses image processing, which is effective for measuring curved surfaces, and can handle the shipping of high-precision parts.

Multiple factories are deployed on a large site.

At the headquarters of Wa Corporation, the cutting, assembly, inspection, and other factories are consolidated. Taking advantage of the large site, they have installed large-scale and numerous facilities. In addition, they have established the Nanyo factory, which performs sheet metal and welding, in a location slightly away from the headquarters

Factory layout diagram Factory layout diagram

Factory area (Floor size)

Headquarters factory / Cafe / Factory 4 (Machining processing) 1001.75m²
Factory 2 (Shipping packaging / Inspection room)(Parts cleaning factory) 567.13m²
Factory 3 408m²
Factory 5 / Factroy 6 (Equipment Assembly) 1296.17m²
Factory 7 473.07m²
Factory 8 1386.72m²
Factory 9 423.1m²
Factory 10 (Equipment Assembly, Clean both) 1308.73m²
Nanyo factory (Sheet metal fabrication and welding) 2000m²
Total Floor size 8864.67m²

Clean booths are also fully equipped

Two non-photosensitive clean booths with a width of 4500 x depth of 5500 x height of 2150
One clean booth with a width of 5000 x depth of 8000 x height of 2900 are installed
Class 1000 @0.5um is maintained.
Perform the assembly and adjustment of equipment that is sensitive to contamination in the clean booths.

Width 4500 x Depth 5500 x Height 2150 (inside dimensions)
Width 5000 x Depth 8000 x Height 2900