02Quick delivery and ability to handle large orders

Delivered 3,000 parts, including processing and fabrication, within 4 weeks.

At YAMATO Corporation, we are able to deliver a large quantity of parts in a short amount of time, including parts processing such as cutting and assembly, as well as equipment assembly including wiring.Please consult with us even for projects that other companies have refused.

REASONSReasons for being able to respond to short delivery times.

  • Short lead time

    Since we have professionals in various processes, which allows us to have a lead time of 1-3 days for production. We can quickly check the drawings, order materials, and program necessary equipment, enabling us to focus on production within a short timeframe.

  • Adaptability and Agility

    We can accommodate the ideal measures and urgent changes or production according to the drawings of the developers and designers.

  • Enhancement of internal system

    We can also operate in ”two-shifts”, and can run 24 hours a day, even on holidays. Communication between departments is also smooth, allowing for a smooth transition from the previous process to the next. This is one of the reasons for our short lead times.

  • Extensive external network

    For example, we have an external network that takes charge of processes that YAMATO Corporation does not have, such as painting. The external network also responds to short delivery times like we do.

Short lead time

Number of employees Number of employees

We have the necessary personnel and factories to achieve quick delivery times

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