05Rapid supply chain management

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMDomestic Supply Chain System

A logistics / supply chain system that never stops and never keeps you waiting

We own four of our own trucks. One of them is equipped with air suspension, allowing us to deliver precision machinery. With our in-house logistics system, we can not only deliver products on time but also procure materials from suppliers in a timely manner. Our motto is to never stop processing, never stop sourcing materials, and never stop delivering. We have established a system that ensures we do not keep our customers waiting.

Our vehicle fleet consists of

4-ton Wing roof truck with air suspension
3.3-ton Wing roof truck
3-ton Wing roof truck
2-ton Flatbed truck
Other Vehicles Two One-box vans
One Wagon car
One Mini-van
One Light-duty truck

The domestic transportation

We take care to maintain the quality of our products during transport and use our own trucks to deliver equipment.

The domestic transportation area we cover and the The domestic transportation area we cover and the
Distance Regions Approximate travel times are as follows:
300 km radius Kanto, Hokuriku region, etc. Approximately 4 hours
400 km radius Southeast Tohoku, Chubu region, etc. Approximately 6 hours
500 km radius Northeast Tohoku, Kinki region, etc. Approximately 8 hours
Please note this time table is only a rough estimate and may vary depending on traffic conditions and time of year.

Due to exchange rate and geopolitical risks, more companies are rebuilding their domestic supply chains

  • The necessary accuracy cannot be obtained in own company or in own subcontract factories.
  • Rejected by current partner company
  • Having trouble because a company it has been doing business with has closed operations.
  • Looking for a new partner company.

Due to these reasons above, requests to YAMATO Corporation have been increasing. YAMATO Corporation is capable of handling various processes in the supply chain such as cutting, sheet metal, and assembly, as well as accepting complete orders starting from the design phase