Finished raising my children.
The current theme is nurturing young talented colleagues

Yamamoto Meister Y.S. Yamamoto Meister Y.S.

One important task performed at Wa Corporation involves assembling the core components of finished products, such as control panels, wire harnesses, and wiring. In an environment where there are always requests for new products, it is the Meister's job to maintain stable quality and process management and search for more efficient methods

An environment that is easy to work in while raising children

After my child was born, I resigned from my previous job. When my child turned one, I thought about returning to work and joined Wa Corporation. Although my child is now at an age where they no longer require much attention, when they were younger, they often suddenly developed a fever, which sometimes caused me to take a day off or leave work early. Since I joined Wa Corporation, they have been understanding of employees who are raising children, allowing me to take time off without any reservations. Many other employees are also working while raising children, making it a comfortable work environment.

Make your work more efficient with your own ingenuity

My current work involves creating control panels, wire harnesses, and wiring. Since the products I create are not the same each time, the job begins by thinking about how to proceed with the process. As I have been working while raising a child and have limited time, thinking about how to proceed efficiently has become fundamental. By inventing my own ideas, such as how to reduce time or workload, and discussing them with my supervisor to decide on the process, I have been able to reduce the time required for the job. Pursuing efficiency is beneficial for oneself, but I also believe that it benefits the company in the end.

Speak according to the other person's level of understanding

I believe that good human relationships are what motivate people to work at YAMATO Corporation. Having a supervisor or colleagues who understand each person's home environment is the most important thing.
What I am currently working on is nurturing people. If a complete employee is rated at 10, I would like young staff to be able to reach level 5 by themselves. Therefore, the most important thing I am focusing on is tailoring communication to the listener's comprehension level. By consistently communicating with others, I try to understand whether they comprehend what I am saying or not. By changing my speaking or teaching style to match the listener, I believe that their growth will be accelerated

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