An attitude of challenging oneself to improve.
Factory staff who "think and act".

Our Master M.I. Our Master M.I.

One of the features of YAMATO Corporation is that it has a metalworking factory equipped with numerous 5-axis control machining centers and inteligent processing machines. Meisters work in the factory, which is capable of mass-producing parts that require complex processing and responding to short delivery times. They practice thinking and acting on their own to acquire new technologies and knowledge on a daily basis.

I want to try metalworking

In my previous job, I worked in inspection, but I became interested in learning machining skills and found a job posting at YAMATO Corporation. Currently, my main job is production using vertical machining centers.

Challenging difficult tasks is a source of nourishment for me.

Our work starts from receiving the drawings and thinking about how to process them. When I successfully complete a drawing that I found difficult, I feel a sense of achievement. I believe that gradually being able to handle more challenging tasks will lead to my personal growth.

Creating a "Procedure manual" for oneself.

I think YAMATO Corporation is a very free company. There is no set way to approach a drawing, so we start by thinking about the process ourselves. Of course, we incorporate feedback from others, but we feel responsible for our work. When I first joined the company, I made a lot of careless mistakes and felt frustrated. The result of thinking about how to reduce mistakes was my own procedure manual. By creating a procedure manual for myself every time a new drawing comes in and checking it while working, I've been able to reduce mistakes.

I want to improve myself and take on the challenge of 5-axis machining

My current goal is to be entrusted with a 5-axis machining center. I want to earn trust in my current job and elevate myself by studying so that I can take the next step forward.

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