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2023年は長岡市野球連盟に加盟  野球部は元気に活動中!

In 2023, we will join the Nagaoka City Baseball Federation and our baseball team is energetically active!






Let me introduce you to the WAC Corporation baseball team, which was established in 2022

Team was established in April 2022

YAMATO Corporation baseball team was established in April 2022. It currently has about 15 members, and the team is planning to recruit more members in the future.”
In 2022, the team participated in the city tournament but unfortunately finished with a record of 5 wins and 6 losses. In 2023, the team plans to join the Nagaoka City Baseball Federation and compete in the C class, with the aim of advancing to the B class

A person who joined YAMATO Corporation through the baseball team connection

A friend who loves baseball and was looking for a job joined the company (and the baseball team) after hearing the phrase ‘We also have a baseball team.’ The baseball team also helps to connect people from different departments who don’t usually talk to each other, and plays a role in promoting communication within the company