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技術 Technology

チタンやジルコニア、モリブデン… 難削材に対応するための人、技術、設備

Personnel, Technology, and Equipment for handling difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, zirconia, and molybdenum.






introducing of YAMATO Corporation’s technical capabilities, machining of difficult-to-machine materials

Stainless steel is no longer considered a difficult-to-machine material

The most commonly handled material at YAMATO Corporation is stainless steel. While stainless steel was previously classified as a difficult-to-machine material, it is no longer considered as such. With our 5-axis machining capabilities, we have machines that can process from various angles with just one setup. This allows us to achieve high dimensional accuracy with minimal setup time and reduces dependence on individual operators.

We are well-versed in various types of machine tools and equipment.

The table below shows the currently supported materials. With numerous 5-axis machining centers and multi-process machines in our possession, we can handle even brittle materials like titanium and molybdenum with flexibility. Our familiarity with the potential of each individual machine tool is also a key factor in our ability to handle various difficult-to-machine materials. We have a corporate culture that encourages exploring different approaches and material compatibility, even uncovering uses and adaptations that machine tool manufacturers may not have realized. By accumulating past experiences as knowledge, we continuously strengthen our capabilities in handling difficult-to-machine materials. Additionally, we are capable of performing welding on titanium using electron beam welding machines.