YAMATO News Letter

技術 Technology

機械設計、電気設計、システム設計。 簡単な打ち合わせでも対応できます。

We can handle tasks related to mechanical design, electrical design, and system design from a scratch








Introducing YAMATO Corporation’s response to design issues

Simple meetings and discussions, even at the idea level, are welcome.

At YAMATO Corporation, we are pleased to accept consultations from the design stage. Even if it is an idea-level product or component at the customer’s stage, our design staff will respond accordingly. We will conduct meetings with you and proceed with the necessary design. We are capable of mechanical design, electrical design, and system design, allowing us to address various inquiries and requests.
Furthermore, we are flexible in accommodating design changes related to existing products, including specification modifications. We can handle products that have detailed specifications varying from batch to batch. You can entrust us with the task of adapting and designing for such products.

We aim to optimize manufacturing through design.

At YAMATO Corporation, our design team is well-versed in manufacturing processes, allowing us to excel in designing for mass production. We specialize in designing for seamless manufacturing processes, reducing time and costs. We strive to propose designs that facilitate manufacturing without compromise, ultimately optimizing the production process. Our expertise in both design and manufacturing enables us to provide tailored solutions to our clients.

Experience designing a wide range of products, including those related to semiconductors, automotive, and many others.


We handle the design of various products and systems across different industries, such as semiconductor panel inspection machines, cooling pipe control for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment for automotive components, cooling components for computers, and food manufacturing equipment. One of our strengths is having experience that is not limited to a specific industry.