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"Collaboration with an Engineering Company"





具体的には、エンジアリング会社様、すなわち、装置の企画設計を業とされる会社様と提携できれば、お互いに 11 2 以上の成果を生めるような関係になれるのではないかと考えています。




当社は、半導体製造装置、食品関連装置、FA 機器等様々な分野の精巧な装置一括製作の実績がございます。ぜひとも協業余地があるとお考えの会社様からのお問い合わせお待ちしています。

This is a guide on establishing a relationship where both parties can complement each other’s shortcomings. (3/3)

Achievements in the Comprehensive Production of Sophisticated Equipment


I am Mr. Ono, a part-time outside director at YAMATO Corporation. As we contemplate the company’s future strategies, there is a field of thought that envisions accelerated growth through collaboration with other companies, rather than solely relying on Wa Corporation’s efforts. I would like to introduce this idea for your consideration.

Specifically, I believe that by forming a partnership with an engineering company that specializes in device conceptualization and design, we could establish a mutually beneficial relationship where the combined efforts result in more than just the sum of our individual contributions – a scenario where 1 + 1 equals more than 2.

YAMATO Corporation possesses an in-house workforce and infrastructure capable of handling end-to-end device manufacturing processes such as machining, sheet metal fabrication, and assembly, we face a shortage of managerial resources in the area of design, which falls within the upstream processes. During discussions with our clients, we have received inquiries regarding equipment fabrication, including design. However, it’s important to note that there are cases where we might not be able to accommodate these requests due to resource constraints.

Conversely, for engineering companies, have there been cases where, while engaging with clients in discussions, they possess the capability to carry out the design but lack the ability to fabricate it? Or perhaps the precision required for realization is lacking, thereby preventing them from capitalizing on opportunities?

We have a track record in the comprehensive production of sophisticated devices in various fields, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, food-related machinery, and factory automation (FA) devices. We eagerly await inquiries from companies that also believe there is potential for collaboration.