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Section Chief Sales Department 2, Nagaoka Sales Office
Mr. Makoto Kohara

We have been working together for over 20 years now, and I believe that one of the best things about Yamato is that they have a wide range of multi-axis machines, including the ability to perform complete assemblies.
I also appreciate the fact that the young employees take the initiative to do their jobs well. I think that the CAD, CAM, and simulator software is also well prepared. Another impressive aspect is that they tackle difficult-to-machine materials, which is great. The factories are separated by their specialties, and as a result, the overall flow is smooth, and they maintain a commitment to delivery deadlines, such as adhering to a two-shift schedule.
The measuring instruments are also well-equipped. They handle work from a diverse range of industries and can take on jobs that other companies cannot. Additionally, the factories are kept clean and have large loading docks, which make it easy to move equipment in and out.
I also think it’s great that YAMATO Corporation is willing to take on challenging-to-machine materials.
It seems like your partner company has a well-organized production system, with each factory specializing in specific tasks and ensuring smooth workflow. They also prioritize meeting delivery deadlines by implementing a two-shift system. Additionally, they have well-equipped measurement instruments. I understand they handle jobs from various industries, and their ability to take on tasks that other companies cannot is impressive.

Interviewee: Yes, that’s right. Another notable aspect is the cleanliness of their factories. Each factory has spacious and high entry points, making it easier to handle the installation and removal of equipmen